5 Things To Expect When Moving to Texas

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If you plan to move to Texas, you will be happy to know you are not alone. Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country — which should be no surprise to its residents. It is also full of history, beautiful homes and plenty of opportunities for career advancement. 

Ready to pack your bags? Explore our guide to learn what you can expect when becoming a full-fledged Texan! 

Massive Job Growth 

In 2021, Texas became one of the top destinations for new businesses. The state reached record-setting job growth — and forecasts show it is not likely to slow down. Areas like the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have seen the most growth recently, with plenty of employment opportunities in Plano, Arlington, Frisco, Denton and McKinney. So, if you are moving to Texas, make sure to get your resume ready because career growth is always on the horizon. 

Warm Weather 

When living in Texas, you will come across a wide range of natural landscapes, from rolling grasslands to green pine forests. With all this beauty, it is easy to forget that Texas temperatures can rise significantly in the summer months. It is common for you to see 90-degree temperatures and above in July and August.  The humidity in the state also varies from place to place, making the climate very unpredictable. You may find significant rainfall in many of the more humid areas of Texas. In fact, Alvin, TX, holds the world record for the most rainfall over flat land over 24 hours.  

Diverse Food Scene 

People all over the U.S. know that Texas is known for its signature barbeque, but that is not all. Cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston have become culinary paradises all their own, featuring bold flavors and diverse menus. You can enjoy everything from home-cooked southern favorites to the state’s signature Tex-Mex cuisine. Of course, you know the saying, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, that is true for the portions as well. So, if you are planning on moving to Texas, make sure to bring your appetite.  

Full of History 

The history of Texas stretches far back to the 1500s, when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the area. While most people are familiar with the Alamo, you will find many other locations that honor Texas’ long history. The Galveston East End Historic District features Spanish colonial churches and beautiful stone mansions over 200 years old. The Nasa Space Center in Houston is a landmark dedicated to the Apollo 11 launch, which placed the first man on the moon. The Deep Ellum Historic District celebrates the state’s 1920s jazz scene and the musicians that brought it to life. You will always find something to do when you are living in Texas. 

Exceptional Homes 

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about moving to Texas is its booming housing market full of quality homes. Here at Britton Homes, we offer luxury homes throughout the Dallas area, with designs that fit every lifestyle. For 50 years, our name has been synonymous with quality and detail, featuring distinctive architecture, expertly crafted designs and innovative technology specific to your needs. Our team is ready to meet and exceed your expectations, so let us help welcome you to Texas with a fantastic home you can call your own.   

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