Impress Guests with These Stunning Accent Wall Ideas

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Looking for some accent wall ideas that will add color and variety to your room? Whether you are looking to add texture or give the illusion of more space, there are many unique ways to design an accent wall with little effort. Explore our accent wall guide to enhance the look of your home.  

Why Choose an Accent Wall? 

Adding a unique accent wall to your space helps highlight your style and individuality. It is also a perfect way to add a colorful design element without overwhelming the entire room. Rooms with accent walls help break up the space, causing the room to look bigger. In addition to paint, there are many types of accent walls that use repurposed wood, brick or stone to bring a touch of texture to your space.  

Ready to get started? Below are a few accent wall ideas you can try at home.  

Build a Showcase Wall 

If you are the type of person that has collected numerous antiques or collectibles over the years, an accent wall is a fantastic way to show off your most prized possessions. Adding floating shelves or a console to a brightly painted wall will draw extra attention to your favorite objects. This design is a great conversation starter at dinner parties. 

Bring Attention To Large Design Features 

Fireplaces, large paintings or even an eclectic bookcase demand attention. A unique accent wall can help make larger items the focal point of your room. Adding some design features around these pieces can make all the difference. Try placing built-in cabinets or shelves around your structure to help frame it better. You can also include texture, like wood panels or stone, to create a timeless design.  

Add a Photo Collage 

A large photo collage is a wonderful way to share your favorite memories and celebrate your loved ones. It is also one of the easiest accent walls to assemble. Simply lay your frames on the floor to capture the perfect setup and mark where you want to place them on the wall. When designing your arrangement, stick to two or three frame colors that complement each other so that the design does not overwhelm the rest of the room. 

Use Reclaimed Wood 

Another idea for an accent wall is to use reclaimed wood to create a natural look that your guests will love. Try placing wood planks around a focal point to add personality and depth to your room. Since wood comes in all kinds of grains and styles, you can match the perfect plank to your overall design. Try weathered redwood or shiplap if you are looking for a rustic look. Polished oak can create a modern, clean look for more contemporary designs. 

Create a Library 

If you are an avid reader, give those old books a new home with a library wall. Not only will you make a statement, but it is also a smart, space-saving way to store all your favorite stories. You can go with a traditional library wall or get creative with a large storage cubby bookshelf or a series of floating shelves with a colorful paint job. 

Looking for more accent wall ideas for your home? Explore our gallery of homes to design the perfect space. You can also explore Britton Homes’ available properties to find a luxurious home that matches your unique sense of style.