The Best Ways to Present Art Displays

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If you are an art fan, you should know that finding the right area to display art can take just as much creativity as producing it. Not only do you need enough room to hang or place your art, but the piece you choose should enhance the look of your interior design style. Explore our guide to find several creative ways to display art on walls – or anywhere.

Ideas to Display Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art can range in size, but displaying the larger pieces can take a little more planning since there are only a few places in the home where you can hang them. Below are some tips you can follow to find the best areas to show off your largest works of art.

Let Your Art Take Center Stage

It is best to display your larger and bolder artwork as the focal point in a room. Some great places to hang these works are over a fireplace, above your bed or couch, behind a desk or on a large bare wall by itself. Wherever you decide to hang it, make sure it is in an area that draws the eye. These works are typically high-priced and require extra hardware to hang properly, so give them the attention they deserve.

Match the Frame to Your Style

A frame is more than just a border to set your art in. It also accentuates the art and the rest of your home décor. When selecting a frame, find a color that matches the colors on the canvas AND your interior design scheme. Ideally, the art you are hanging should blend well with the theme and colors in your room. The right frame should reinforce that. If your home has more of a contemporary design, find a sleek and understated frame. A thick or ornate frame should go nicely if your interior design is more maximalist.

Make Sure Art is Lit Effectively

If you want your larger paintings to take center stage, you need to make sure they are properly lit. Natural light is always best when displaying art with vibrant colors, but installing art lights above your pieces will keep them looking bold and beautiful when the sun goes down. Placing a single light or linear lighting directly above a large painting is common. You also want your art lighting to be about three times brighter than the interior room’s ambient light to ensure your artwork really stands out. Angle lights at about 30 degrees to reduce glare – adding or subtracting around 5 degrees for larger or smaller pieces.

Ideas for Smaller, Simple Wall Art

Smaller works of art can be a lot easier to set up. However, it can be easy to go overboard. You want to be very strategic when hanging or placing smaller pictures and paintings so they best support your design goals.

Consider a Collage

If you have a bunch of small pictures you want to set up, a collage frame is a great way to display them, much like a larger painting. The first tip is to make sure all the pictures in your collage play well together and with your home décor. Match like colors and design styles to achieve a singular look. Consider the size and placement of your collage as well. One tip is to place all your pictures on the ground to get a sense of how you want them to look on your wall. Finally, make sure to get frames for all your pictures. You can get plenty of inexpensive, simple frames at a department store like Target. Another option is to buy a collage frame for your wall, which incorporates a series of frames together, taking out some of the guesswork when sizing.

Display Art on Shelves

There is no rule that you have to hang pieces of art. Smaller, simpler pieces can find a home on shelves and desktops. This gives your home a more casual and relaxed feel than a large gallery wall or collage. Try installing several floating shelves on the wall to display your art. Dedicating a large console with shelving for your artwork is also a great option.

Fill Empty Space

When hanging small, individual pieces of art, make sure there is a strategy in place. It may be tempting to hang or place your favorite picture wherever you have extra room. However, there are ways to show off your artwork while also providing a functional purpose that enhances your interior design. Placing artwork over console tables or a small chair against a wall is a terrific way to utilize small patches of empty space that will also enhance the surrounding elements of your home. Looking for more ideas for displaying your art? Britton Homes’ gallery of homes can help spark your creativity, so you make your favorite art pieces the star of your home!