Elevate Your Home with These Spa Bathroom Ideas

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Your morning routine should be filled with tranquility so you can take the time to reflect on the day ahead. That is why spas are a popular destination for those looking to relax and center themselves. Spas are designed specifically to instill a sense of relaxation, utilizing natural materials and providing plenty of space. The goal is to provide a sanctuary, free of stress, that connects us to nature. Adding just a few elements can transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired bathroom getaway just a few steps away.

Explore our guide for some fantastic spa bathroom ideas that with transform your space.

Declutter Your Space

Spas are known for their minimalism. Only the necessities are visible. Decluttering your bathroom accomplishes a cleaner, more streamlined look and makes your bathroom appear larger.

It is easy for bathrooms to get cluttered, especially if there is not a lot of storage available. Considering all the combs, brushes, makeup, razors and other tools we use to get ready in the morning, it is important to have a space for it all.

If you have the storage, place all your toiletries in drawers and medicine cabinets when not in use. Small bathroom caddies can help keep things organized when stashed away.

If you do not have the storage, try placing your toiletries in bins made of natural materials like reed or jute. They keep your items clear from view and produce an all-natural look that keeps you relaxed and calm.

Tile Your Bathroom Black and White

Solid, monotone colors like black and white produce that clean and modern look so many spas are known for. That is not by accident. All-white bathrooms have a bright and pure look that invigorates and reflects cleanliness. While an all-black bathroom may make the room smaller, adding black overtones to a white bathroom helps to create a juxtaposition that makes spaces more balanced. Black also infuses bathrooms with a sleek and modern style.

Add Natural Materials for Zen Spa Bathroom Décor

Wood, reed and stone furnishings can infuse your bathroom with a Zen-like feel that will calm your spirits and soothe your soul.

Wood and reed are great materials for spa bathrooms and work well alongside house plants or landscape designs. A few reed baskets or wooden caddies can keep your bathroom sleek and decluttered for those looking to enhance the biophilic design in their space.

Stone comes in many options, from marble to granite. White or black marble looks great for a modern bathroom design. Granite is a great option to create a rustic or Tuscan-inspired look for your luxury bathroom. If you are looking to redesign your bathroom, try adding elements like Himalayan salt bowls, a stone fountain and marble countertops.

Place a Bench in Your Walk-in Shower

Adding a bench to your walk-in shower is not only stylish but practical as well.

Even a simple, waterproof wooden bench can allow you to relax in a hot, steamy shower or provide a place to store your washcloths or body washes so they are within arm’s length.

Teak is a great water-resistant material, perfect for a shower bench. It has a far more natural look than plastic and is a great option if you are going for that Zen-inspired look.

Display Artwork

Too many bathrooms forget to include artwork to enhance the surroundings. Artwork inspires and can bring an extra sense of relaxation and introspection to your luxury bathroom.

The type of art you choose should accentuate the look of your bathroom’s design. Choose landscapes or floral prints if you are going for a rustic or all-natural look. Pictures of the ocean or seashells can also create a calming and colorful backdrop.

For more modern bathroom designs, try adding abstract art which can leave you feeling introspective, allowing you to reflect on your emotions and gain a sense of balance.

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