How to Add Character to Your Interior with Home Furnishing Textures

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One of the biggest trends we are currently seeing in interior design is mixing mediums. What are mixed mediums? It’s a way of infusing texture into your home furnishings by adding different elements that work together – sometimes on a single piece of furniture.  

Some of the most influential designers are adopting mixing mediums. Take it from Heather Fujikawa, star of Design Twins and owner of Dallas-based House Sprucing. “If you mix it up, it feels great because when you’re mixing mediums, you’re mixing texture, which adds an extra layer of design and gives more depth to your room,” Heather says.  

Let us explore some ways you can add texture to your interior design.


Where to Add Texture to Your Interior Design

Several places in a home can benefit from adding things like textured textiles. The goal is to create a multifaceted look that blends together but keeps things interesting.

  • Furniture

    The concept of mixing mediums in your home furnishings is not new. Doing something like matching a linen couch with a leather ottoman and a metal chair helps provide diversity to your space. But if you really want to impress guests with a unique look, try mixing all those textures into one piece

  • Wall Texture

    Plain white walls lack interest. While adding art or pictures can help, adding several textures to your wall will create an eye-popping look that can benefit the whole room.

  • Flooring

    Coming out of the minimalist trends of yesteryear, many people are incorporating carpet rugs into their spaces to add even more texture. Rugs are easy to lay down and can quickly be swapped out if you choose to go a different style direction in the future.


Textures for Any Style of Furniture

Mixing different textures on the same piece of furniture is something that we’re seeing a lot of, says Heather. Just having different elements on furnishings is a way that we’re seeing some really great designs all in one piece.


Here are just some of the ways you can infuse texture into any furniture style:


Couches have plenty of space to accommodate several design elements that can add texture to your space. Adding a soft pair of fabric throw pillows to a leather couch is one simple way to achieve more texture. Throw rugs are also a great option for mixing up colors. If you have a fabric couch, leather throw pillows can add a rustic charm to your space.


While chairs have a little less real estate to work with compared to couches, you can still toss a contrasting throw pillow into the mix. Rattan is a great material that you can wrap around a hardwood or metal chair to add a more nature-inspired look. Of course, a folded blanket can also work to soften the look of a chair.


There are several ways to include interior design texture on tables. One way is a table runner made from fabric or leather. Adding other elements, like brass caps, to your wooden table can make it stand out from the rest of the room. Placing a long centerpiece made of natural materials like reed or artificial vines can also add color and texture at your next dinner party.


Wall Texture Ideas for Your Living Room

While surfaces like stucco and popcorn ceilings are a bit dated by today’s standards, there are several other ways to add plenty of interior design texture to your walls.

Large canvas paintings

Large canvas paintings never go out of style. The canvas can soften up your walls, and depending on the type of art your choose, you can really add a big splash of color.

Wall panels

Wall panels are another way to infuse more texture in your living room. There are all kinds of wooden panels that come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can add texture to flat walls while still looking modern.


Rugs Add Texture to Flooring

Looking for an easy and convenient way to add texture and softness to hardwood floors? Modern area rugs are a fantastic way to bring even more texture to your space without spending a ton of money on new flooring.

When going for a mixed medium look, try choosing an area rug that differs from your other textured elements. If you have a fabric couch with leather throw pillows, why not try a woven rug made of soft bamboo or jute?

Again, try to incorporate several contrasting textures and materials to create an interesting and diverse look that will make your home a soft, inviting and dynamic space for your guests.


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