Conquer Your Closet Space with These Easy Organization Tips

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Whether you have a huge walk-in or small storage closet, you can make the most out of your space with a few tricks and added elements. You do not need to spend a lot of money to do it. Most of the additions are easy to find at any home goods store.

Explore our guide to find some closet-organizing tips that will keep all your best outfits in order.

How to Organize Closets

Knowing how to organize a closet for maximum efficiency is all about utilizing as much space as possible and making sure everything is easy to find. This means finding creative ways to store your favorite clothes and accessories and keeping things in order.

  1. Make Space for Any Size of Clothing

    When organizing your shelves and hanging rods, try to delegate the tallest areas for long robes, dresses or suits and the shorter areas for folded pants and t-shirts. Most closets have areas where the hanging rod is higher from the bottom shelf for this very reason.

  2. Add Bins and Baskets for Your Closet

    Bins and baskets are a great way to store clothes and organize them for quick retrieval. They can easily be stored underneath short shelves or made to fit in cubby shelving to keep them safe from dust or moths.

  3. Label Your Spaces

    Maximizing your space is one thing, but what would be the point of having everything close at hand if you cannot find it? Labeling your closet will not only help you quickly find everything you need, but it will also help when putting away your clothes. With a designated place for all things, you will never have to ask, “Now, where did I put that?”


Clothing Organization Ideas

There are plenty of clever ways to store your clothing, accessories and jewelry, so you are utilizing the most space. You can use far more than hanging rods and shelves to keep things in order. We have also included a few tricks to keep all your clothes organized and easy to find.

  1. Hang Jewelry, Accessories and Tanktops

    Not every piece of clothing requires a hanger. You can hang multiple small pieces, accessories and jewelry on one hanger. By purchasing some hooks or plastic shower rings, you can run them all on one hanger, allowing you to hang several tanktops, belts, scarves or necklaces.

  2. Fold Your Clothes in a Space-Saving Setup

    Drawers and bins are generally longer than they are taller. To save the most space, try rolling them up and storing them on their sides instead of stacking them on top of one another. This method saves space and gives you a bird’s eye view of all your shirts, so you don’t have to ruffle through them.

  3. Color Coordinate your Clothes

    Ever get stuck looking for just the right top to put together a strikingly matched outfit? It is a lot easier to match the right clothing when they are stored by color. No more shuffling through endless hangers to find that perfect green shirt. By organizing by color, you can find just the right shade you need to hit the town in style.


DIY Small Closet Ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a huge walk-in closet. To organize a small closet, like a guest room closet or linen closet, is all about using every inch available.

  1. Tuck Away Seasonal Clothing

    If you know you are only going to wear your favorite Christmas sweater once a year, why have it take up space in your closet? By buying an under-bed storage container, you can remove any holiday clothes and store them under your bed until the holidays. In fact, you can do this with any seasonal wardrobe. When it is summer, take all your sweaters and coats and store them outside your closet. When the temperature cools down, you can pull them out and replace your summer clothes, ensuring you always have plenty of space.

  2. Use Floor In-Closet Storage

    Small shoe racks and knee-high cubbies are a great way to store shoes and boots without having them sit on the floor. If you have the space, try adding a two-in-one bench and shoe storage. It is a great way to keep all your shoes in a place where you can easily put them on.

  3. Try Behind-the-Door Storage

    Several places sell hanging storage designed to fit behind your closet door. This is a great place to store bulkier items, like shoes, hats and rolled-up ties. They are also a good place to store cleaning and dressing tools, like lint rollers and shoe horns.


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